Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Morning Routine

I think one of the best things about being a mommy is the staying at home. I love home. And I'm learning more about being a home keeper and a home maker, which makes me love it all even more. We keep few (if any) daytime obligations; we're free to not be busy, and to be home.

In all of this being home, we've really settled into a delightful morning routine. And since changes in our routine are coming, I wanted to make sure that I documented some of our daily rituals for the sake of posterity. So without further adieu...

Phoebe's Morning:

Phoebe wakes up happy, ready to play, at around 7:30 CST (Critter Standard Time)

She quickly requests a cup of milk, and explores about the kitchen while waiting for breakfast. She often will "help" set the table with Mommy. Then, we eat together as a family.

Phoebe would never forget Jake's breakfast! She now is in charge of feeding him, with assistance. (If she had her way, though, he would eat six or seven times a day!)

While Daddy finishes getting ready for work, Phoebe helps Mommy clean up from breakfast. On many mornings, this involves emptying the dishwasher -- one of Phoebe's favorite chores.

After Daddy leaves for work, Phoebe continues to help Mommy with chores like sweeping, spot mopping, and picking up around the house. This is when we usually get dressed, too. Now we're ready for some adventures!

Weather permitting, we like to go for a stroll down the street. Phoebe brings her bucket, and we collect all kinds of "nature items" -- usually rocks, but occasionally leaves, moss, and bark. Sometimes we'll come back in to the backyard and check the tomatoes or swing.

After a drink of milk, Phoebe likes to scamper off to her room for some room time. Usually, Mommy will sit in Phoebe's big comfy chair and call Mops while Phoebe explores or reads. Phoebe will also "talk" to Mops. Today, Phoebe's chief occupation was moving her stuffed animal babies from one basket to another.

After all that fun, we take some quiet time. Phoebe requests Lamby, and she flops into her little green chair to enjoy about fifteen minutes of Sesame Street.

After saying "bye-bye" to Elmo, we return to the kitchen for one last drink before our nap. Then, we cuddle up in the big rocking chair to read a few books. This week's books? Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?; Where is Baby's Bellybutton?; Noah's Ark; Maisy's Colors; I Spy! Bunnies. And then, at least for now, it's off to dream land...

And really, this is what we do pretty much every single day. And we love it!


Liz said...

What a sweet snapshot of your daily life! Phoebe looks like she is so much fun and full of sweetness. I love the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

some pretty fabulous pictures of a sweet little critter...especially in her pink cowgirl boots! think she definitely needs a pat's jersey to wear with them! mopsy sends great big loves to all...