Thursday, March 13, 2008


This time, I'm not scarce because I'm lazy... quite the opposite, actually; I'm all over the place! Mops picked up Phoebe and me yesterday, and we're now up north preparing for the birthday and wedding event of the year. Our dear Aunt Fave and Uncle Gus will be married Saturday, and Michael and I are part of all the festivities... which makes for a very busy family! I've got just a few minutes of down time this very minute, but it may be my last bit until Saturday night!

Phoebe turns ONE tomorrow. Which I cannot believe, and I will post a full, for-real birthday post when we return home and can get some pictures to go along with it. Sorry you'll have to wait past the for real birthday!

Anyway, we're thrilled to have such an exciting weekend for such good friends. This afternoon will include delightful time with Fave and dinner at PF Chang's, so how can you go wrong with that?

Love to all... and we'll return after this weekend!


Carolynn said...

We will miss you! Enjoy the festivities! Happy Birthday(a day early) Pheobe! We love you big girl! Call when you get home...we'd love to see you. We just got home ourselves.

The Other Huse said...

Having a terrific weekend?

I just wanted to say thank you for the comment about ISR. I would email you, but don't know your email address. The ISR program is definitely something you should look into! If you have any questions, let me know!!!