Monday, March 17, 2008

And We're Back

We had a wonderful birthday and wedding weekend... everything was beautiful, but very busy, so we're spending the day recovering from all of that. And I am fully intending to do a for-real birthday and wedding post, but I've got more big stuff this week.

Friends, I have a deadline.

For some reason, someone is interested in having me do some work for them. And since my deadline is Wednesday, I've been a little bit mentally preoccupied. I'll share more details if my work is accepted, but it's still an altogether exciting thing. You might want to pray that I can get my act together before then.

So in lieu of a real post while I'm busy working on other things... some random thoughts:

  • The cravings are officially beginning. I poured some vinegar down the drain today to clear out an icky smell, and I immediately needed some salt and vinegar chips (something I loved while pregnant with Phoebe, too). Publix has stopped selling their brand of salt and vinegar, but I was able to find a single-serve bag of Zapp's in the deli section. I could've hugged the deli employee who showed me where they were. [Chips were not the only craveable item I bought today; pudding snacks and scads of fresh fruit also showed up in the buggy. At least there's something healthy on my craving list!]
  • Phoebe dumped out an old bag of craft supplies onto the hardwoods today. This bag included loose glitter. We might be finding glitter for the next three months.
  • Sandra Lee (of Semi-Homemade) was at the Puyallup Fair today when I woke up from my nap...and I enjoyed fond memories of the Puyallup Fair as a little girl. It also made me want some funnel cakes.
  • Phoebe goes for her 1 year checkup tomorrow... and shots. Pray for us... not only does she have to go for the usual stuff, but we're re-running a test that we took the last time she was sick. It had an abnormal result, which was probably nothing (hence us waiting until her 1 year to revisit the test), but we'd like to pray anyway that it really is nothing. The test also can mean a longer visit at the pediatrician, so that alone is worthy of prayers! :)
  • Would anyone like to come over and show me how to use my sewing machine sometime this week (or next)? I stumbled on pictures of "hacked" cardigans and homemade easter dresses, and I've decided it's been far too long since I figured out how to sew a seam. I am clueless and need major help, so patience would be a major must.
  • And finally, for Pops to show off at work:


Anonymous said...

Oh! that's what the sunshine looks like! :)
Will be praying for your Dr.s appt. and the time there after. love, Mrs. Stev

Anonymous said...

Thank you for thinking about Pops at work my darlings. It so blesses me when I click on "The Blog" and see my precious ladies. God Bless and enjoy the moments of the dreaded "deadline" this is when God really shows up :)
Call upon Him and we will all be Blessed by His work through you my darling daughter.

I love you and family deeply,

The Sinks said...

I've really enjoyed pudding cups with both of my pregnancies too! In fact, I think I'll go have one right now! :)