Sunday, March 9, 2008


This morning at church, a few friends asked me how I was feeling. And honestly, for a minute I was caught off guard. Like, wait... did I try to get out of something by saying I was sick? Was I sick? Am I sick now? And then the duh moment hit me where I remembered that I was pregnant and feeling icky pretty much, well, all the time. But it's been going on for just long enough that 'icky' is the norm, and not the exception.

We're officially 9 weeks along, and I feel pretty much the exact same as I did with Phoebe at this time. I'm tired, queasy, and consuming vast amounts of dairy products. But it's nice, because this time around I'm at home, and it's awfully nice not having to put on a happy face for 20 eight-year-olds. And really, I've gotten used to it over the past month, for the most part. The best news is that it'll be over with almost as soon as it started! I'm greatly anticipating that sometime in the next month, it'll all just disappear (the yuck, not the pregnancy).

Phoebe really has no clue what being a big sister is all about, but she does love kissing the ultrasound picture that's on our fridge. But then again, she loves kissing all the pictures on our fridge.

Michael has been the best daddy-to-be ever, doting on me and not complaining one iota when I crash on the couch at 7:45. He also manages to put up with toast for breakfast six days a week, and acts like Super Dad to Phoebs when he arrives home from work. Friends, you should pat this man on the back -- I literally could not do it without him! Can I tell you how great he is? He even cleaned the shower with a toothbrush yesterday. What a man!

I, on the other hand, have rearranged my priorities: cleaning when the energy strikes, taking some downtime for Sesame Street with Phoebs in the morning, napping in the afternoons, and just praying to make it to suppertime. I'm not feeling particularly creative or energetic, but that's because the Lord is being creative enough for the two of us in my body. Just this week, our little Peanut has a four-chambered heart, working joints, can make a fist, and can even suck his or her thumb (if they so desire). Pretty impressive, hmm?

Anyway, we feel good. We are so blessed to be in this condition again, and equally blessed that we totally forgot what it was like -- even though it wasn't all that long ago. We're excited, and we'll keep you posted on Baby #2 as things progress!

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