Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Returning Soon, Really

We're all safe, sound, and back from our trip. We're also dealing with the aftermath of returning from a trip. And how did it get to be March already, hmm? I feel like the busiest month of my life has just snuck up on me without any warning.

I should be cooking dinner right now, since the microwave is barking at me to tell me that the chicken has thawed. But instead, I'm on the couch with the laptop because Michael has taken Phoebe out to the Dollar General for a blissful 10 minutes to fetch more milk, and some afternoon adventure. Have I mentioned that I love my husband?

As soon as I get caught up on email and get my to-do list ironed out, I swear that I'll be back. I've got some exciting announcements coming!

But I just heard the car door open, so I'd better hustle, or the chickens will be starving!

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