Thursday, August 2, 2007


Well, we're still in sick-day-mode, but Michael's fever has gone, Phoebe's surprisingly happy in spite of her yuckiness, and I can finally breathe out of both nostrils like, 75 percent of the time. Nurse Mops has made her way back home, but snapped this picture of the crew before heading out. Missing in the shot is Jake, who has tried to eat our Kleenex stash. (Dirty, of course.)

The end of this booger (no pun intended) is near. Thank goodness.

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j&bH said...

SO glad i got to see the lot of you on friday! it was long overdue and way too short...i feel the need for a long weekend of slumber parties and game time for the thomas fam + aunt fave & uncle gus.

love and miss you.
mare (fave)