Monday, August 20, 2007

Lazy Weekender

We really didn't have a lazy weekend, but it sure does look like it from this picture... can I just say, what an angel! Phoebe is changing so quickly, and I don't feel like we can even sort of capture it appropriately on film. I should bring out the video camera more, but...even still. Wow.

Despite the "desperate" sounding last post, things really are going well. I'm just focusing more on having fun and less on being right! :) Today that means Sesame Street dancing, grocery store and library adventures and more! We had a really wonderful weekend of fun, too -- capped off by time with friends Joel and Rhiannon, an inflatable pool (Phoebe was the only one who got in, pictures to come later), and sushi at Sumo. Big treat!

In less exciting news, we have mastered two vegetables: sweet potatoes and butternut squash. We'll be trying carrots tonight. I'm optimistic!

I have lots to do this morning, as Mondays are always busy... hopefully this afternoon I can post some pictures from our pool time splash!
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Jennifer said...

sarah, that picture is just gorgeous! she is such a beautiful baby! glad things are going well - i miss you guys :)