Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sweet Potatoes!

Well, today is the day! Not only is it Phoebe's Five Month Day, but it's also the day for starting vegetables! After reading extensively about making our own baby food, I decided to give it a shot. It's much more cost effective than Gerber (not that we won't be enjoying some Gerber in the next several months!), and I'm certain that it tastes better. I picked up a food mill at Linens and Things this morning, which will puree her food while seperating out the unsavory bits. (Basically, an "old fashioned" food processer.) It definitely takes a little more work than opening up a jar, but I was able to freeze the equivalent of eight jars of food.

Phoebe also got to be a part of the whole process, which was pretty neat! She got to "help" wash, peel, and chop the potatoes. She also got to handle some of the raw taters... she tasted them, but didn't like them nearly as well as when they were pureed! I think she actually liked them better than her rice cereal, which is no surprise -- I would imagine that rice cereal tastes a little bit like wallpaper paste! We'll also be trying some other yellow-orange veggies in the next several days: carrots and butternut squash are also on the menu! I'll try to post some pictures of these as well, although I'm sure they all look the same in baby food form.

Since the little birthday girl/big eater is down for the night, I'm going to enjoy my library book while I can! Will post pictures of Phoebe's 5-month-day cake tomorrow!!
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