Friday, August 10, 2007

New Tastes at Breakfast

No, we didn't run out of her rice cereal. We're not that desperate. It's just that Phoebe is so interested by all of these new textures and sights right now... we want to give her some controlled exploration! This morning at breakfast, Phoebs was introduced to a flower. I promise she did not eat any of the petals... she wouldn't have wanted to anyway! She just checked them out with that cute little tongue of hers. She made a mess, but we all had fun. Fortunately, Michael had the wisdom to start snapping pictures!

Anyway, it would seem we've already had quite the eventful day... now I'm relaxing with my morning coffee, Jake underfoot, baby in the crib napping (at least for now). We've got a little household cleanup to do, and then we'll be heading to see Mops and Pops for the weekend! They have recently purchased a pontoon boat, so we plan to put Phoebs in her tiny little life jacket on Sunday and tool around! It'll be fun to have some lake time and just relax. Such a fun change from the "usual". We'll also get to spend time with some of Mom and Dad's old hippie friends from their days in Germany, who are visiting for the weekend and can't wait to meet our little sweetie. Good times to be had by all!

Well, we're off! Happy Birthday, KPS, if you read this! We love you!
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Mrs. Olsen said...

I love the inquisitive look she has on her face in the last picture! She's a cutie!