Monday, August 13, 2007

Fun Times with Family

After several weeks of not getting to hang out with Mom and Dad, it was really wonderful getting to make a weekend trip to visit. Some family friends, "Uncle Bluegene" and Debi are visiting for the week, and we wanted to be sure to have Phoebe meet them... and meet them she did! Although we had plans for a big, exciting weekend of adventure and boating, the Lord had other plans. Dad started suffering with a migraine on Thursday, and is still (Monday morning) suffering with it. So we ended up just doing a whole lot of relaxing and hanging out. Although the original plans may not have worked out, it was nice just to rest and not have any responsibility other than making sure little miss Phoebe was fed and happy. (And let me tell you, she's always got plenty of hands to keep her happy at Mops and Pops's house!)

Of course, we always have fun eating when we visit Mops and Pops! Phoebs was no exception... she got to eat in her bumbo instead of a high chair, and let me tell you... I am thankful for her high chair tray! SHEESH is it hard to feed a baby when her hands are flailing everywhere. She's something else!

We also got to go have supper on Friday night with Aunt Fave and Uncle Gus, which was totally exciting. Unfortunately, since their move up North, we've been unable to spend as much time with them as we'd like. But delicious taco salads, wedding talk, and a scrabble tournament made it seem like we'd not lost any time with them. Sounds like March is going to be quite the exciting month! Wedding, birthdays, and more!

Speaking of friends, we returned home in time to have a quick supper on Sunday with Dan and Kim, which is always a delight. Michael was 100 percent in charge of supper while I got the baby settled down for the night. I must say, he did quite the impressive job! I'm always excited when my man shows he knows his way around the kitchen. What a stud.

Well, Monday is here... and it's time to get busy! I have lots of projects brewing for the week, including making some baby food! Phoebs will be 5 months old tomorrow, which means she can officially start having veggies. I think we'll start with sweet potatoes... wish me luck!

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j&bH said...

family is such an indescribable blessing...especially in "times like these" with wedding plans, first year teaching, and owning & fixing a first house!

i was thrilled to see my thomas family (sa-sa, mr.t, & little bean) but more than anything, i really enjoyed & needed our girl time!! we've still got it. :) i'm so thankful.

anywho, the bean is "sprouting" (pun intended)...kiss her for me on her 5th month!!
i love you, mare (fave)