Tuesday, January 19, 2010

She Works Hard for Her Money

Nora is now at the age where I can put her to work. (Start 'em young, I say!) She loves to do business with a rag...

...and will occasionally use it for its intended purpose! I'm hoping that she'll start copying her sister, who loves to wipe up sticky spots on the floor.

Nora is also all business when it comes to the dishwasher. (Her sister was, too!) As soon as I open it, either to load or unload it, she eagerly comes padding into the kitchen. If she can get away with it, she thinks pulling silverware out of the basket is a mighty fine occupation. In a few months, she'll actually be helpful...I think!

And of course, I've already mentioned how much Nora loves to help with laundry.

But Nora's new big girl chore is feeding Jake. Phoebe is now passing on the scoop to her younger, more eager sister, who thinks all things puppy are fantastic. Her scooping method still leaves much to be desired, but she's more than happy to carry the cup to Jake's bowl for delivery. And I never worry about spilled dog food, since Jake is always more than happy to vacuum it up as quickly as possible. (Nora does happen to be pretty particular about picking up the pieces that miss the bowl.) I can tell that Nora loves feeding Jake since I busted her feeding him lunch the other day; I'm sure Jake loved his extra meal!

And Nora's favorite part about feeding Jake? She totally sneaks tastes of his food when I'm not looking. Gross.


Anonymous said...

cause it tastes just like chicken! :-)

Kendall and Luke said...

it's amazing to hear stories like that and realize it's the Lord who is putting those desire to serve in her heart! Our creator knows what He is doing and it is no accident that your sweet girls have a helpers spirit...the Lord is preparing them!! love yall! have a wonderful week!