Monday, January 11, 2010

Aliens for Breakfast

Two mornings a week, I brave the cold and the early morning traffic to receive physical therapy before Michael goes to work. I leave before the girls wake up and am home by a few minutes after nine; it's a good fit for our schedule, especially because I expected these appointments to be tremendously inconvenient.

Michael has the privilege of handling breakfast for our hungry little munchkins on these days, which is really nothing out of the ordinary, since Michael declared himself Mr. Breakfast when we first got married. But really, it's still a lot to juggle solo while the kids are so small. (Yes, I know it's going to get even crazier in the next couple of months...)

But one morning last week, Michael decided to up the fun factor for breakfast. The girls got to eat aliens for breakfast. Their morning banana (which is normally consumed while waiting for the rest of breakfast to hurry its way onto the table) was transformed into a space creature with raisin eyes, M&M ears, and marshmallow mouth. Y'all, Michael is so cool.

(alien missing its marshmallow mouth)

I'm consistently delighted by the ways we parent differently. For me, it's so hard to think beyond our normal, everyday routine; I have to plan and be intentional with things that are "extra" fun. Michael pretty much oozes fun out of all of his pores and comes up with all kinds of creative play. It's really so much fun to see how God put us together as teammates in parenting. I can pretty much guarantee that if it was up to me, we'd never have something as fun as aliens for breakfast... I'm so glad that our Littles get something other than oatmeal every once in a while! (They did, by the way, eat bagels after the aliens... Daddy's good about making sure they have a well-rounded meal!)


j&bH said...

a very cool daddy & a very luck y-o-u. i am also grateful that you married someone who takes good care of you (a wonderful feeling for us far away friends) AND gets along so well with my hubby (a gift for him & me both).


Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

cute! i'd seen that on his FB page.

caedmon inhales his daily banana while waiting for the rest of his breakfast, too! so funny.

Mrs. Olsen said...

I think this could be a commentary on the nature of Mommies and Daddies in general. Walter and I are the same! I plan on being fun and he just is! I'm still impressed that Michael came up with that on his own, though. Way to go Michael!

whippetmom said...

awww- so cute and fun! What a great dad! Your girls have two of the best parents ever :)