Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nora is 15 Months Old!

Nora turned fifteen months old yesterday! She celebrated with a noseload of snot and a fever. She's carried it into today, and I'm done blaming it on teeth since it's turned a lovely shade of green and her cough is something nightmarish. Because of her sickness, I stayed home from church with her today and enjoyed some sweet one-on-one time. I really forgot how much I love this age - although, I think I've said that every month now. Honestly, I just love the little person our little Nora is turning into!

At fifteen months, Nora...
  • still has six teeth, unless one has broken through in the last two days. I'm not worried -- they'll all get here eventually!
  • is about to bid farewell to her morning nap. Although she takes an hour long nap in the morning with great success, her afternoon nap can be frustrating for her. I will probably start working on her nap-dropping in the next couple of weeks. (I would much rather her take one good afternoon nap than two mediocre naps when her sister arrives in less than two months!)
  • walks, runs, dances, and twirls with gusto. Nora learned to twirl to music right before Christmas, and I'm pretty sure it's the cutest little move she's got.
  • loves music. She loves for us to sing songs, particularly ones with hand motions. Her favorites are the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Jesus Loves Me, and she attempts to do the motions for both of those. But really, Nora loves any music and will dance along enthusiastically.
  • is in full-on "Wanderer Babbler" mode. She loves to wander...and babble...all day long. After weekends, Nora particularly likes to babble "Dada..." as she looks for him around the house.
  • is talking more, although I can't seem to think of any new words. She will attempt to repeat almost any word. She was a doll trying to say "applesauce" today...
  • is working on being more independent, although it's SUCH a process with her. She's so social, blanket time and playpen time have been quite a challenge. Mommy's priority for the month is really extending the amount of time Nora will spend by herself... as in, getting her to go longer than fifteen minutes successfully.
  • now enjoys using crayons and pencils, and appears to be favoring her left hand. (We've suspected left-handedness for a while now.) Nora also got to paint for the first time this month, and she only tried to eat the brush once. Success!
  • LOVES to put laundry away. I've busted her three more times pulling laundry out of the hamper and putting it away in her bottom drawer.
Happy 15 Months, Nora!


whippetmom said...

Nooo way! She cannot be this old already! She is so adorable and I love hearing what she's up to :)

Kristie said...

She is a beauty. One-on-one time with the second child is so precious isn't it.

Kelly said...

oh my gosh! she looks so grown up in that picture!!! When I first saw it, I thought she looked just like her big sis, then i thought she looked like you!!! what a beautiful little butterfly she is! I love you guys so much!!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY STARS! I see cute pictures like that and I am reminded again why God gave us all boys. That look would slay Dave!!!!! She is a doll-baby! Karen