Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Laundry Game

My girls both have loved The Laundry Game. The Laundry Game is this: to remove laundry (clean or dirty, it doesn't matter) from whatever receptacle in which it happens to currently reside. As fast as possible. Laundry baskets, hampers, and drawers are all fair game; bonus points for laundry taken from the dryer while Mommy is trying to load (or unload) clean clothes. Peak playing age for The Laundry Game is twelve to eighteen months.

Tonight, Nora invented a new variation to The Laundry Game. It started off like any other Laundry Game might, with Nora mischievously cracking open her bottom drawer. After I deterred her efforts to dump out her jammies on the floor, she changed course. Our after-bath pile of dirty laundry was lumped outside the girls' room, waiting to make its trek to hamper. Nora, quick thinker that she is, scooped up some of her dirty clothes and started putting them away in her half-open drawer.

I called Michael back in the room to watch; I was already giggling to see her diligently putting away her clothes. But Michael, instigator that he is, started pulling clothes out of the drawer and tossing them over her head and back into the pile. Completely unaware, Nora put away the same articles of clothing three or four times. By this time, I was in hysterics.

then...she figured it out. Nora stood at that little pile and threw herself a little fit! She made an aggravated noise I'd never heard before, and then she got back to work until her sister distracted her with some noise from the living room. Bless her heart!

And as much fun as that was, it's even more fun knowing I can add another tiny worker to my crew tomorrow morning! Nora, putting away laundry is now
your job, sister!

(By the way...the grainy picture is from Michael's was the best we could snap between fits of giggles!)

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j&bH said...

LOVE this! you have inspired me to change my perspective on the ginormous amount of laundry & folding that i have let pile has been my achilles heel, NO LONGER! i am going to make small goals & have fun doing it.
thanks, rho...i'll let you know how it goes. :)