Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Taste of Springtime

Yesterday, we had a brief respite from the Januarys. While the rest of the country battled an ice storm, we had seventy degree weather. The girls also seemed to be turning the corner. We knew the weather wouldn't last (but hoped that the girls' health would), so we took advantage of it while we could. We had such a wonderful time playing outside, strolling after naptime, and lounging in the yard.

Well, the weather didn't last. We woke up to icky, rainy weather... and temperature that dropped as the day progressed. We spent two hours this morning driving to see Mops (it's her birthday today!) and the temperature dropped twenty degrees during our trip.

The girls' health was much the same, unfortunately.

Phoebe had been pretty irritable this morning, but traveled like a happy camper. But she woke up an hour early from her nap, clutching her ear. Nora's second nap was also short, and her breathing seemed labored and congested. Since both girls were getting yucky fast (and Nora had spiked a fever...again), we called our favorite Dr. Randy, and he squeezed us right in.

The January springtime sure didn't last long! Phoebe has a double ear infection, and he's concerned that Nora might have RSV. Both girls are on antibiotics, and Nora's taking an oral steroid... we might be bringing her back in tomorrow for a RSV swab, if she's not improved.

The good news is that we're with Mops and Pops, so extra hands abound for the next few days. We're sad that Daddy isn't here with us... but we're thrilled that he's having a productive work-time in the bathroom!

Do pray for our little girls... we're so sick of being sick! Either way, we're thankful for our short, sweet taste of Spring -- it was just the refresher we needed!

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Ann from the chilly north said...

Praise the Lord for this beautiful weather you are having! What a joy to see the sun and short sleeves! If you check out the girl's facebook/ will see it is the exact opposite in L-ville and the Resort!

Continue to pray for better health and thanking the Lord that you were able to escape and enjoy the gift of a warm and beautiful day! God Bless, Love, ms. ann