Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Request For Help

Phoebe's starting to get some wild hair. It's been well on its way for a while... and I now think it's official. It's now long enough for me to put into pigtails or a ponytail, but she has super wispy, fine hair. She loves the idea of me putting her hair up, but I am so hair handicapped that I am completely unsuccessful in my attempts.

So PLEASE...those of you with little girls...I've seen those cute hairdo's you do on your girls! Help a sister out! How do you get a ponytail in, and then get it to stay in (if Phoebe will leave it well enough alone, of course)??

(Also... scroll down for a real update...cute pictures of the girls!)


Anonymous said...

I have found that just pulling back the front bangs and a little bit of the sides of the hair keeps the hair out of the face and is usually easy to maintain. Also, the smallest little hair rubberbands that you can find will work better - less twisting until it fits snug. Once you have a rubberband in, you can easily clip a little bow on top of the rubberband. Hope this helps!


Carolynn said...

I use those teeny clear plastic bands first and then stick a bow over it or one of those cloth elasticy thingys. They stay in really well. Sometimes I wonder if they stay in TOO well. I have a bunch, if you want to try them.