Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Neverending Party

It's a virus party around these parts, y'all.

We're going on a week and a half of someone being sick. Phoebe's mostly over her congestion and hasn't had a fever...but her cough is pretty nightmarish. And Nora hasn't thrown up in about 20 hours (although the nurse told me this is a weird stomach virus that could reappear without warning). However, Phoebe's had diarrhea once already today... so it appears that this is a neverending party of bodily fluids and germs.

I'm telling you. Steer clear.

The good news is that everyone is generally happy. Naps are still happening, the girls are sleeping well at night... God is so merciful! I know this could be so much worse than it is; I'm thankful that we're at least getting sleep.

Anyway, more will come later...when the party dies down a little bit!


Andy and Kelly said...

ohhh, goodness! I hope everyone feels better soon! fluids and coughs do not sound fun!!! are you and michael feeling well, though? the troop leaders have to be able to rally the troops!!! :D miss you!

Ann, from snow country said...

Sesame Street, cherrios, and footy pj's...isn't that one of the best answers to a time like this? Oh, yes, a popscile or two...never hurts!
Praying for you as you rest and heal. God Bless you. Love, ms.Ann Hang in there!