Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sweet Somethings

When Phoebe was little(r), Carolynn told me something about sunshine weeks and stormy weeks in development. I could be remembering this wrong (likely), but I think it had something to do with periods of predictable "fussiness" for little people. It's probably just one more way to rationalize unexplained fussy in kiddos, but no matter.

It IS true that some weeks are "stormier" than others. And honestly, this has been one of those weeks, at least with the girls. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with development... more likely the runny little noses and coughs they both have! Phoebe seems to have been extra sensitive these past few days, and Nora's had a harder time settling down at night. It makes for some long evenings, prying eyelids open (mine) and trying to contain frustration at, well, anything.

But honestly, in spite of our stormier evenings, we've had some really sweet days. I was just going through my most recent upload of pictures, and I realized that in spite of the storm there has been sunshine peeking through all along.

A few highlights:

Nora sporting a rockin' hairdo

Snug as a bug in the Moby... for over two hours

This is after two hours in the Moby...and after vacuuming the main rooms of the house. I promise she was comfortable!

Phoebe, our big helper, bathing Nora...she proceeded to pour the water on herself next

Phoebe's "getup" for dinner

Really, that's all of got. I have some exciting news coming soon (no, I'm not pregnant), and some other things marinating... but that will have to come another day!

Here's hoping you can find the sunshine in your storms!


Lauren Limón said...

Isn't babywearing awesome? Whitaker gets into horrific positions that would make any chiropractor cringe, and then he just sleeps...forever. Love it. I never got the Moby - bought a ring sling instead. After the learning curve, we like it. Oh, and that baby bed-head of Nora's is awesome

The Sinks said...

Thanks for yet another reminder to look for the sunshine through the rain! We seem to go through those times, too, when we (in general, but specifically K) just have off days.