Friday, January 23, 2009

Sick Days

Phoebe, Nora and I all started getting a little sniffle near the end of last week. Saturday, I was sure I'd be coming down with something vile... but fortunately, it seemed to disappear without much fanfare. Nora still has a date with the bulb syringe a couple of times a day, but other than that, she seems fine too.

Phoebs, on the other hand, seems to have just hit the nasty part of this bug. She started developing a cough Monday, but yesterday she started to spike a little temp and it sounded like she was wheezing. Verdict from the pediatrician was virus (of course), so we're just waiting it out... a week after the whole mess started.

Phoebe is pretty much on this manic cycle of crazy happy and crazy sad. We indulged in a full hour of Sesame Street today, in hopes that she would actually be still. (It worked.) Phoebe also indulged in a morning nap, something she hasn't done since 18 months. She was taking some quiet time in her crib, but telling me about some puppy in a book... and then pow. She starts snoring. You know that little girl is sick when she crashes like that!

When we went to the pediatrician yesterday, we were informed that Phoebe was not even on the growth chart for weight. She hasn't gained any weight since September...and she was in the seventh percentile then! Yikes!

And finally, to round out this most random post...

...Nora rolled over today! She's getting so big already!

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ms. ann said...

Rolling over! I think that calls for a party! I remember the first time allison rolled over...I called everyone I knew and was a tad disappointed that it was not announced on the evening news! :D we moms know how to celebrate the grand stuff, speck so! I reflection of this own "baby" will be 28 next Thursday...a day after your mama's BD!

The pictures of your two girls made my long and testing day. Thank you sooo much. Praying that all are well soon. Oh, sesame street...i haven't seen that for a while...but the tune is now stuck in my head! Love to all the Thomas family. Miss you much so keep these beautiful pictures coming! Love, ms. Ann