Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When All Else Fails

The original plan had been to nap right now, but Nora seems to want to snuggle. Actually, I should say that she wanted to snuggle. But now she's content to nap on the couch right here next to me. How the couch is better than the crib is beyond me, but at this point, the nap is the goal... right? Right? Anyway, I'm afraid that I'd squash her if I snuggled up next to her. So obviously, writing on here is the next best option.

Today has been a better day. I haven't cried yet, and both Phoebe and Nora have seemed more settled. We also slept better last night -- Nora woke at 1:00 and 4:30 to eat, and then conked right back out. I am so thankful for that particular blessing!

Yesterday, I had taken some time to write out some encouraging scriptures on index cards. The idea was that I'd tape them up in the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom/everywhere so that I could talk to myself instead of listening to myself when I started to get frustrated. They hadn't made it up yet today, and Phoebe had found them on the coffee table. She scattered them on the floor... and then fed one to Jake. I think he ate a Psalm. Perhaps he needed some fresh mercy this morning? I'm also thankful for that particular giggle today.

Right now, Nora's face is smooshed up against the side of the couch. I think I had forgotten how cute newborns are. I'm absolutely going to get myself a picture of this; here's to hoping she doesn't budge the second I cause some couch turbulence.

And since my brain hurts, I'm closing the lid of this laptop. I might snuggle this little cuddlebug after all...


Anonymous said...

Smooshed faces, scriptures cards tossed about...God is good all the time! Seems you have, indeed, seen the little-ist blessings HE has sent your way today, this your BIRTHDAY!!! I so miss my thomases, each of you, even Jaker Joe! I know your evening will be simple and sweet with them by your side...what a great gift you are to us all, Sarah Rose Reppucci Thomas. I pray you receive 10-fold back what you give...know you are loved so big...mops (here's a little smile in memory of your granny:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Some cows are purple,
but they all say MOOOOOO!!

Mrs Stev said...

Hey Birthday Gal!!!! Hope it is a wonderful day of celebration! Mr. Stev and I are sitting here watching WOF...Allison will be there next Thursday for her national TV debut...and I read the paragraph of your blog about your notecards of scripture and Jake...eating a Psalm! We giggled too!
Bravo to baby smooshed faces! Next to their sweet smelling heads after a bath and their super soft skin...there is nothing better! Well, maybe when Phoebe begins to kiss her darling Nora ever so gently on the cheek...but , you know.
So glad to hear God gave you a wonderful and restful day. Happy Birthday from Mr. and Mrs. Stev. We love you! God Bless

Anonymous said...

Did you get my text message? If not, it said "Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (+/- some exclamation points).

If you need anything, let me know (food, childcare, etc), I'm pretty available.

Glad you're doing better today!

Lauren Limón said...

Happy Birthday!!!