Thursday, October 23, 2008

Updates on the Girls

I am still amazed that I have girls. As in, more than one. What miraculous little blessings they are! (They are even more miraculous when they are both sleeping, as they are now.) I have so many thoughts rattling around in my brain about all of this... but I have got to get down some updates on these girls, lest I totally forget them.

Phoebe's 19-month day was last week (the 14th). This is belated, but I wanted to post a few things that she's up to these days. Now that there are two, it'll be even easier for me to forget! Phoebe is...
  • saying a few more words, irregularly, but at least occasionally. Some highlights for this month include "Reeces" (oh yes, the most practical word we can think of these days) and "butterfly". Phoebs is often frustrated, not able to express herself verbally; we are trusting God's perfect timing for her words to come. We are also still praying for 20 consistent words by 21 months.
  • loving to count things by pointing (Mommy does the counting). She loves to count pictures, snacks, etc.
  • signing the answers to questions #1 and 2 in the Catechism for Young Children.
  • testing boundaries all over the place, learning what is acceptable and what is not.
  • outside as much as we'll let her be... the second she gets shoes on, she wants to head out the door.
  • dipping her food (ranch dressing, ketchup, and sweet and sour sauce) and becoming more adventurous with what she will eat. Her appetite seems to be decreasing, but she continues to try more and more foods. Just today, she ate a banana dunked in sweet and sour sauce. Nice.
  • getting used to her little sister. She loves to check Nora's crib, say "shh!" with a finger up to her mouth, and touch her blankies. She is still uncertain about kissing her, or touching her... but she's certainly interested in her! (We've only been home from Children's a week... I imagine she'll fall more and more in love the longer we're home.)
  • loving Little Critter books, Clifford, and more... she's becoming less particular about the books that we read, and is tolerating longer stories more frequently. She loves to cuddle during story time.
Nora also went to the doctor today for her two week checkup. (This was a well baby check-up.) Here are her stats:
  • 6 pounds, 11 ounces (hooray! That's a gain of 13 ounces since last Friday!)
  • 20 1/4 inches long
  • 14 inches head circumference
The doctor was pleased with her growth, and says that we're in the clear until her two month checkup. We are praying that we stay illness free in this cold and flu season. My plan is to keep her under wraps (literally) when we have to go out. A few more things about Nora...
  • she eats every 2-3 hours, and switched to soy formula on Sunday. She is eating much better with much less discomfort now.
  • She is beginning to focus on faces
  • She seems to be a very content baby, but she particularly likes to cuddle. (We don't mind!)
  • She is beginning to have a few more periods of "awake" during the day where she is very happy and alert, sometimes for an hour at a time.
Finally, we've had fun comparing the "looks" of the two girls. Although Nora has a head full of dark hair, she and Phoebe still look a lot alike. We think they have the same mouth and nose; we'll just have to see as they get bigger!
What do you think?


Lauren Limón said...

Oh they REALLY look alike. Like twins with different hair colors! So good to hear good things on both chicas

The Sinks said...

So cute! Glad to hear things are going well. Phoebe will adjust. Kathryn has just recently started to do a little better with life in general! We love our moby wrap, and our slings, for the baby. Makes life much easier!