Saturday, October 4, 2008

System Shutdown

Even if I didn't know that my due date was in a week, I'd be pretty sure that the end was near. I vaguely remember something like this when I was pregnant with Phoebe, but I can't help but believe it's worse this time around. I feel like my body has gone into total system shutdown.

The final days of pregnancy are just that: the shutting down time. I am full body tired. As in, can hardly keep upright by the end of the afternoon. I'm taking naps again, and I really hate to nap. And let's just say that my tummy isn't as agreeable as it used to be. My appetite is way down again, and I'm craving really simple foods in small quantities, such as Cheerios and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In general, I just feel weird. Add that to some mighty painful contractions, and I can tell that the end is near.

I have an appointment on Wednesday, and Michael doesn't think I'll make it that long. I'm not as convinced that Nora's going to make an early debut, but I have to say... I'm pretty thankful that, early or not, she'll be here soon!

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