Sunday, October 12, 2008


We've been home a full day now, and I feel like our adjustments are going better than we expected. We're tired, of course. And Phoebe is still getting a hold of the idea that there is another little person in the house. But really, I think we're doing quite well. Honestly, it's just great to be back home!

I think Nora is adjusting better than everyone. She is so mellow and easygoing; I pray that it sticks! She is such a tiny little delight to have around.

A few things:
  • Nora has a touch of jaundice, but her levels were good today. Nothing to worry about, according to the doctor. So we're not. (Worrying, that is.)
  • As of this morning, Nora weighs 5 pounds, 12.5 ounces... she is just as tiny as her sister was!
  • Phoebe is still a little standoffish with Nora. She isn't sure about giving kisses, but she was eager this morning to help her get dressed (holding Nora's shirt, gown, etc.) and brush her hair. She also loves to point at her and say, "baby" -- a new word since Nora has come home.

Right now, it's particularly incredible that both girls are napping. I mean, it's eerie how quiet it is in the house. I'm trying to be really good about taking down time while they're both down, so hopefully my updates won't lapse. But while I've still got time, I'm going to try and nap for a few minutes too!


Lauren Limón said...

Oh my goodness the picture of Nora's backside is the cutest! And Phoebe with the hairbrush! What darling little girls. And where did all that pretty dark hair come from? Ah so cute!

Anonymous said...

They are the cutest sisters in the entire world!!

Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

I think that your baby needs some beach time and soon.