Wednesday, October 8, 2008

39 Weeks and Counting

Well, today was our final appointment before our due date (October 13). Michael was totally convinced I would not make it to my appointment today... and although I tried to help him be right by eating an incredibly spicy dinner last night, we did indeed make it to the appointment.

Here are the important stats:
  • no weight gain this week
  • blood pressure low to normal -- 100/60
  • baby's heart rate was in the 130 range
  • measuring 38 weeks, which is normal for me -- and for this stage in pregnancy (as she continues to "drop")
  • Michael and I both got a flu shot today... and it was the first time I said, "no big deal" to a shot!
  • and the most fun stat of all? I'm already dilated 3-4cm! Which means...
We'll be going to the hospital tomorrow (Thursday) morning to get this party started! Dr. D completely surprised me by offering to put me on the schedule; we readily accepted his offer. We'll be arriving at the hospital at 5:30 tomorrow morning to get hooked up to my good friend pitocin, assuming I don't go into labor on my own before then.

I'm still hoping to live-blog at least some of the labor... especially after I become reacquainted with my other good friend the epidural. This is all pending sufficient internet access in our room. Michael will update as he can, too. In the meantime, here are some specific things you can pray for us over the next few days:
  • Complication-free labor, delivery, and recovery
  • Peace (especially for me) throughout the entire process
  • Kind-hearted nurses, anesthesiologists, and doctors
  • Phoebe's adjustment to being a big sister, and our transition to a family of four
  • That above all, God would be glorified and that we would stay focused on Him -- that there would be an atmosphere of worship in our hospital room tomorrow (and throughout our stay there)
I can't wait to share good news tomorrow!


Lauren said...

Very pretty picture! Can't wait to find the next set of pics...with Nora!

Mrs. Olsen said...

How exciting! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hooooooooray!!!!! Can't wait to meet her!!!

And her birthday will be 10/09/08! How fantastic!

The Sinks said...

Wow, congrats! Can't wait to hear the news...we'll be checking in throughout the day, and praying of course!