Monday, May 12, 2008


I realize I'm a little late in wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day, but I'm going to do it anyway. So Happy Mother's Day, friends!

We here like a little adventure on Mother's Day. We don't like to celebrate in the traditional sense -- homemade cards and flowers and breakfast in bed. We like to celebrate with paid professional members of the medical community.

Last year, my first Mother's Day, we had a lovely afternoon. But then, we celebrated the evening in the ER at Children's, since Phoebe came down with a fever and was not yet eight weeks old. (She was fine, by the way, especially since she'd already her shots.) In keeping with tradition, Phoebe had another fever this Mother's Day, and has actually made it into a three-day celebration.

Although we did not have the excitement of an ER trip (two in one year is enough, thanks), we did head to the pediatrician this morning to rule out strep or an ear infection. Fortunately, she has neither and it's just some yucky viral infection that will run its course...eventually.

I woke up feeling pretty down about Mother's Day yesterday. I had a big "woe is me" pity party in my brain, because I would be spending the day worrying about someone other than me. But as I got a nap in and a reality check, I realized how wonderfully blessed I was to have this pitiful, sick little girl really needing her mommy.

What a privilege it is to actually live out being a mommy, in good times and in bad. And in all the noses wiped, Lamby's washed, vomit sanitized, and sleeps in a rocking chair... it was a blessed Mother's Day indeed.


Blessings said...

Do you guys go to Greenvale at Brook Highland? I thought I saw you in the sick area when I was walking back with the nurse. I hope Phoebe gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

how blessed, sweet little mama. we continue to pray for our dollie doll to be all well, and for her mommie and daddy to find the rest necessary to be excellent caregivers and sweet it is. big, big love...mops