Thursday, May 29, 2008


We leave for the beach tonight, so clearly I should be blogging right now. Really.

Last night as I nearly cursed out my sewing machine, I started thinking about home ec. And how I didn't take it. (Choral was way more important in middle school, and I got way more field trips that way.) And really, back in the day when home ec was required, field trip ratio was like, totally, the ultimate way to decide how to take an elective. That and, I somehow fancied myself on Broadway someday. (I think, if American Idol was out back then, I would have definitely fancied myself on that; way cooler.)

Anyway. I digress.

You couldn't have beat me over the head and convinced me that somehow home ec was important back then. Not in middle school, not in high school. And really, I'm not sure that home ec really is important. But my mom couldn't convince me, either, that sewing and baking and gardening would all be valuable skills in life. The only thing I was convinced of was that I needed to graduate with a 4.0.

So off I went, on my own, with a hodge-podge of skills. (At least I knew how to clean a bathroom, sort of.) That hodge-podge served me very well... until I turned into a professional homemaker. Seriously, friends. I feel like I am light years behind where I should be in the cleaning, cooking, baking, gardening, decorating, etc. realm. You couldn't have convinced me then that these priorities would be mine... but they are. And I hope they're my daughters'.

Last night, as it took me over five minutes to stitch a single, 12 inch, (mostly) straight line... I wished that I'd done something other than "home ec by immersion" and made it a priority back in the day. Somehow I think it would have been easier to learn it little by little, over the years?

For the record... Mom, you were so right.


Carolynn said...

I hope y'all have a GREAT time at the beach! Will you be back for Sunday? I wish I could claim ignorance on the homemaking front. However, I did take Home Ec. and Advanced Home Ec! I'm afraid my lack of skills simply boils down to laziness:(
Love you, Miss you.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care to be right, but I am proud as punch that you're diving into all these skills now, and with a joyful, determined heart! You bless me, my darling, always! Have fun, fun, fun at the beach, send us lots of fabulous pictures...don't get sunburned!! BIG, BIG love to my thomases...mopsy

Anonymous said...

Ah, this must be the moment for timely post from mom's. I just sent my Kel an email and thought, "I'm going to check on Sarah's page...maybe they have selected a girl's name." After reading your post...forget that thought! I see your plate is full! :D I smiled through your entire story! Funny how when we reach a road block in life...we tend to search the past, for it has been lived and gone. I remember all the times my own mother tried to teach me to sew...but she was always so "frustrated over this darn thing!" I recall thinking, "why would I want to learn that?!" :D
I had to teach Kendall home ec while home schooling! YIKES! But we learned together and I found that I knew more than I give myself credit for and we discovered joy and laughter as mother and daughter. So, you are working out frustration now as you learn so that one day in the not so distant future you will have grand compassion with your little girlies as you teach them and sew on and so on...
The beach! OHHHHH...soak up some rays for me...breathe in some sea air and be refreshed, for those of us at the resort are still in long sleeves and woke to a crisp 52 degrees! I cannot express how wonderful it was to see your gang last week...I still ponder upon it and rejoice! Be Blessed! LOVE your blog site! Hugs and Love to all, love, MrsStev

Liz said...

I'm finding out the same exact things Sarah!! Who would've known that those skills would come in so handy?
Have a fun trip at the beach!