Sunday, May 4, 2008

Culture and Leisure?

I'm not very cultured, nor do I lead a very leisurely life. However.

I've written an article for Culture and Leisure Magazine, and it's now in print! It was a really fun thing to do -- certainly a first -- and I got to write about my two most favorite people in the whole world, so it wasn't really work anyway!

Should you, for whatever reason, care to read it... it's begins on page 49.



Mrs. Olsen said...

Great Job! How did you get the opportunity to do that?

Carolynn said...

Great article Sarah! Is there going to be another one?

Natalie Rushing said...

Hello Sara! I would love for you to write something else for us!
Meanwhile- everyone can see the magazine online at http://cultureleisuremag/
It will be in the archives section- Natalie Rushing- Editor in Chief