Friday, May 2, 2008

C'est Fini!

Up until about a week ago, I had not successfully sewn a seam on a sewing machine in almost twenty years. (Mom helped me with a patchwork project back in the 3rd grade... that is the only sewing machine project I can remember.) But Mom was determined to get me grooving on the machine, and feeling confident.

So after sewing about four seams on an old pillowcase, we decided I was ready to sew a dress. Because that's the next logical step, right? Right.

Anyway, it only took about twenty hours or so to finish this thing, but it's done. And Phoebe thinks she looks like a movie star in it! Although every time she moves I'm afraid I will hear a seam start ripping... since I didn't lock my seams at both ends until about halfway through the project. Whoops!

So now I'm starting over -- same pattern, different fabric -- to see if I can actually do it right this time. Hopefully it won't take as long!

The great thing about having done a dress as a first project is that I feel like purses, pillows, drapes, and the like are a no-brainer. And I at least can sort of interpret directions now. But most of all, I am so not afraid to sit down and make a mistake...because lawsie mercy have I made plenty already!


Mrs. Olsen said...

That turned out so cute!

Carolynn said...

Such a cute dress! Love the fabric! Hopefully we'll get to see y'all tomorrow!

The Lawler Family: said...

Fantastic job!!! The dress is preciuos, and I love the fabric. Oh goodness though, you just becomes addicting!!!!

Leslie Harwell said...

I was just looking around at different peoples blog and I stopped and read about your sewing project. Such a cute dress! I just got into sewing in early February and now I have made about 6 or 7 outfits for my two kids. It is so much fun once you learn. Keep up the good work.

rhiannon said...

That fabric is fantastic! She DOES look like a movie star!! What a wonderful dress!!!