Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10 Things

I really have no time to even have the computer on this morning.

Interesting, then, that I'm posting on the blog, no?

Anyway, Michael is holding a seminar tomorrow out of town. His girls (all three of us!) and his dog get to be his traveling companions. And this starts a very, very busy three weeks for us. Anyway, we leave this afternoon and will be gone until Monday... it doesn't hurt that the seminar happens to be very near Mops and Pops! But I was thinking... there are a lot of things making me happy right now, and I just needed to make a little list.'s what's making me happy, at this very moment:
  1. My non-fat non-decaf (I know, I know...) mocha from Starbucks
  2. A sleeping baby, at least for the time being
  3. Upcoming trips (today) and next week, to the beach
  4. My new haircut, which requires very little work in the mornings
  5. New fabric from purlsoho, and fabric projects on the horizon
  6. Spring weather
  7. A big sister and a little sister
  8. Hyland's Teething Tablets
  9. Four little tiny green baby cherry tomatoes
  10. The fact that I am not wrapping up my school year today and tomorrow, trying to enter grades and clean up a classroom!
Have a happy, blessed day today! I'm off to do something way more productive!

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