Monday, May 19, 2008

Like Christmas Eve

We've got a big week ahead of us, for all of us. Most notable on the calender? We find out tomorrow if Phoebe will be having a little brother or a little sister!

I have my own feelings, and I'm not going to reveal that here...although I've shared them with a good many of you. But what do you think?

Here's the deal. I'm going to let you guess. Of the correct guesses (you do have a 50/50 chance of being correct here), I'll randomly choose a winner. I will send the winner...something. My brains are kind of mashed potato-y today, so I'll let you know when I figure that out. But it'll be a good something, I promise! You have until 3:00pm tomorrow (Tuesday) to comment with your guess!

To help you with your are a few things about my pregnancy.
  • I was moderately nauseous until about week 12 or 13. This was nausea without the puke, just like Phoebe. I did, however, have one and only one second trimester visit to the porcelain throne -- just like with Phoebe.
  • I have had almost no food aversions, other than big hunks of meat. I have also had few cravings, other than the usual mac&cheese and pizza stuff. I have, however, developed a general disinterest in food throughout this pregnancy.
  • I have yet to gain any weight. In fact, I've lost about 5 pounds. I have only recently started "showing"...and it's enough for a relative stranger to ask when I'm due. I'm carrying rather low, I think.
  • I have had really, really yucky hormonal headaches with this pregnancy. (I did not with Phoebe.) I've also had a little more dizziness.
  • This baby has been less active than Phoebe on all of our ultrasounds, but is currently very active.
  • Heart rate for baby has ranged from 144-154, for those of you who actually think that matters.
  • Due date is October 13.
  • Michael's family is very "streaky" with families... as in, all boys or all girls. I don't think that is genetically relevant, but might add some more fun for the guessing.
I can't think of anything else relevant, and it's just a guess anyway. Our appointment is tomorrow at 1:30, so I'll post the "results" sometime tomorrow night. Either way, we're all excited!

So there you go... leave your guess by 3:00pm Tuesday!


Leslie Harwell said...

So exciting for yall! My guess is: BOY! Have fun tomorrow! Leslie

Mrs. Olsen said...

Can I only guess once? ;) Ok, I'll guess a girl, since you already have one boy guess.

Anonymous said...

Alrighty then...Mops is going to guess-------------A GIRL! No particular reason, just that you've "forced" me to guess in order to get a chance to win "something good!!" :-) This grandma will be thrilled with either a precious little girl, or a dashing little boy. Can hardly wait for embraces tomorrow...I may not let go!!! Pops is equally anxious to see his thomases... big, big, lovies to each of you!

Michael Thomas said...

I choose: A Baby!

Honestly, I'd be more nervous if it was a boy, because hey, I know girls!

j&bH said...

i'm guessing a gideon thomas baby...translation: BOY!! i like my odds...even if i'm "wrong", i end up with a new niece! :)

Carolynn said...

I'm guessing ummmmmmm....girl. I hate that my guess is now in black and white:) I don't like to be wrong. Enjoy your day tomorrow! We will be anxiously awaiting the verdict! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am going to guess GIRL just because that is the "feeling" I have, but God knows this precious one so intimately as He has knitted she/he together in her/his mother's womb. :D So, my real answer is.....a blessing! Cannot wait to hear! God bless and have the best day! Love ya! SuperStev and MrsStev oxoxoxox

Kelly said...

I'm going to guess GIRL!!! I wanted to say boy, but I think Girl! Do you have names picked out? Please put your name up tomorrow when you post!!! That's one of my favorite parts! We can't wait to hear! :D Congrats!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Sheesh, I almost want to change my guess because my odds of being randomly chosen are better if I guess boy!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess a GIRL!! praise the Lord either way and i can't wait to hear!! i miss you and i love yall!

Allie Parker said... gut feeling is a girl. everyone else is picking that, so it lessens my chances of winning, but they always say go with your gut instinct!!!

Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

I say...boy. I think this is the year of the boys--of the 8 pregos of 2008 that I know personally, all but 2 of them had/is having a boy. I don't really think that makes a difference...I just felt like I needed a reason for my answer. Plus, I think Caedmon would love a friend(a friend that is a boy).

Allie Parker said...

sure you can come :) we have a extra roll out bed on the couch, if you're ok with that...or you can always camp out on the beach on the cabana!

i'm glad michael won too! did you read his comment about not sharing the jewelry with you??? well, no worries, this friday i am having a MEGA giveaway, so you can enter then!

The Sinks said...

I'm guessing boy, like me. :)