Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Confessions of a Pregnant Woman

I was getting a headache from cutting squares out of some really gorgeous fabric (that I, incidentally, paid an arm and a leg for). So I decided it was snack break time.

Most normal people, just a couple hours after lunch, would grab some fruit. Or maybe a handful of chips. Or a half sandwich or something.


I just heated up half a box of buffalo popcorn chicken from the freezer and devoured it. Alongside a baby Coke.

I love being pregnant.


Carolynn said...

Love it!

Lauren said...

Food has never been so delicious! I don't even like buffalo wings or Coke, but it sounds phenomenal these days!

Anonymous said...

OK, lets talk food! Past the pregnancy thing and moving swiftly onto the 50something, I found myself ALONE at the resort...just a few hours ago! A rarity! The craving thing set in... in celebration, I think. I wasn't even hungry! But flew to the pantry grabbed the graham crackers, slathered them with creamy Jiff and stuck, not one, but TWO "small" hersey bars in the middle...and devoured the entire thing in record time...I have YET to feel guilty...but celebrated by parking myself in front of the TV watching RERUNS of Top Chef! How's that for a quick fire challenge?! BRAVO to food cravings and most of all...salute to your adorable pregnancy! LOVED seeing you last week! I can still feel the hugs and Miss Pheobe's smiles! Love, Mrs.Stev oxo p.s. I'm looking foward to seeing some pics of Mr. Michael in is new "win" from Allison's blog! :D

Lauren said...

My profile should link to the new baby blog now :) YES, I'm pregnant...you need to get back on facebook!