Wednesday, October 3, 2007

While the Cat's Away

Every month or so, the LIFE group girls get together to celebrate that month's birthdays. It's perfect, because, a)the girls all get a night out; b)we end up not having to buy birthday presents, just chipping in a few dollars for the birthday girl's dinner will do; and c)the husbands take care of babies. After a lunch with a very curious six-and-a-half-month-old, I very much appreciated her being in the capable hands of her daddy last night. I asked Michael to take pictures, and he happily obliged. Except on looking at this picture, do you realize that my child is sitting up on her own on the counter of all places? And where is her daddy? Well, let's just say he's the one holding the camera. YIKES! (Sorry, Mops, if that gave you a coronary. We're all fine!)

I so love that Daddy plays differently... I just sometimes wish we didn't have proof! :)

Callahan and her daddy also came to play while the big girls were out. I'm sure it was fun for Michae
l to have a little distraction, and I think the littles had a great time too! Callahan was also well-loved by Jaker, and I think she loved him in return. Let's just hope that Phoebe is still Jake's favorite! It's been a busy, social week for us... I'm thankful for our end-of-the-week wind down. I think the older Phoebe gets, the more of a homebody I get!

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j&bH said... if you weren't a homebody already? :)

i love you & i wish i were closer so we could spend the day at home together! :)

-mare (fave)