Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Breaking News

Phoebe Kate can put in a pacifier all by her big girl self. She has dropped it onto the exersaucer tray three consecutive times. And three consecutive times she has put it back in her mouth. It takes her a second to remember which end she wants, but she can do it, friends.

This very same big girl is wearing a 9 month outfit (!) and quite possibly made the sign for "more" at lunch today. [We're waiting for confirmation on the sign; it's also possible she was just excited and happened to bring her hands together as I was trying to teach her the sign.]

Okay. I'm supposed to be folding her laundry while she plays independently. More to come, eventually. It's a busy week, kids.


j&bH said...

WOW! come home, i miss you. :)
love love love,
mare (fave)

Carolynn said...

That truely is worth a press release! That is a skill that would definitely behoove Calllahan to learn SOON! I love the chilly fall air, too! Congrats on the Paci trick Phoebs!

Carolynn said...

I think I forgot the word "of." Oh, and too many "L"s in her name. I really should learn to proofread!