Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One More

I actually don't remember what I sat down to post here. WHOOPS. I probably should abandon ship, but I have precisely 8 minutes to finish drinking my coffee before Phoebs must be scooped from her crib (which really should be lowered pretty soon; I busted her on her knees and holding onto the top rail). We have Bible Study this morning, and then I'll be spending the afternoon getting some goodies ready for Michael's big meeting tomorrow. WHICH MEANS...

...I am likely to forget, again, that I am meeting girlfriends, without our babies (except those that have them in utero), for dinner tonight
...I am also likely to forget lunch with girlfriends tomorrow, with our babies, at Zoe's

SO FRIENDS. Please. Help me remember. I joked while I was pregnant that Phoebe was stealing my brain cells; she'd be the smartest baby around. I'm now realizing that was true -- her thievery was permanent, and I'm totally losing it. If I talk to you today and I make no mention of "fun plans with friends", this means I have forgotten again. And I don't want to forget again again. Seriously.

By the way: the above picture is posted to show my new "mom 'do"...love it!

1 comment:

j&bH said...

hey! love the hair, babe!

p.s. i want friend time with my sa-sa!!! and i would love some aunt fave time with my bean. oh! and some thomas/harvard family time would be nice. while we're at it, a slumber party is way overdue!!!