Monday, October 15, 2007

Drift Away

After a series of several busy weeks in a row (is it really the middle of October already?), we've escaped. It's been a while since we've gotten away for a whole week. Michael is still having to work (hence the laptop and ability to post), but he manages to steal away for some time in the pool or in the sand. And I'm sure that working at the beach is infinitely better than working in an office. Surely.

Our little waterbaby
loves the water. Oh, I had my suspicions from the way she loves to splash in the bath. But oh my goodness. Even though the water was frigid, Phoebs loves just floating around and kicking. She got to try out sand today, too. [Note: by "try out", I mean feel, touch, kick, and eat.] We were a little unsure of the ocean because of jellyfish lurking in the tide, but we've got plenty of time to get in it!

Yesterday was also Phoebe's 7 month day. Seven months! And in the last week, she has changed
tremendously! I can't even imagine what she'll be doing at eight months. We do not have a picture with an Edgar's strawberry cake, but mom is making me a birthday cake this week while at the beach, so I'm sure we'll have a family picture then. :) Anyway, here's an update on all the exciting things that Phoebe is doing at 7 months:
  • sitting with great confidence for as long as she pleases
  • "creeping" across the room... she does this great push-slide-shove thing that works for her to get things that she wants... jake, glasses, shoes, whatever.
  • pushing up onto her knees and rocking back and forth (she's going to be a crawler soon, I can tell!)
  • babbling -- she started this yesterday -- saying "blah, blah, blah", seriously!
  • eating cheerios, rice puffs, and little bits of whatever food we want to share with her (Mops may have given a bite of doughnut, and Pops may have let her try some cobbler...) with great enthusiasm
  • manipulating her toys with hands, and not just her mouth
  • understanding sign for more and all done, but not signing yet on her own
  • trying to pull up (unsuccessfully), but leading to a lower crib
  • chewing on ice in her "Popsicle", but not showing signs of teeth
  • sleeping like a champ both during the day and at night
  • delighting all those around her!
We are so blessed by our little Phoebe Kate... what a fun seven months we've had! And speaking of, she's probably about to wake up from her last nap and tell us it's time to go out to supper.


j&bH said...

i am so jealous of your glorious week away! what a wonderful way to spend your birthday week! with the puccis & your hubby & the bean...heaven for sure!

i am proud of my little bean & i can't wait to see all of her new tricks in person!

i miss all of you tremendously. hug mama & papa pucci for me...give mr.t. a high five...hug & kiss the bean...& treat yourself to some reading in the sunshine (as if i were there to share it with you!)

& keep posting from the beach...the picture is adorable!

miss & love you,
mare (fave)

Carolynn said...

So fun! Soak it all up. The sun, the fam, the freedom, and creation! I'm excited for you bday dinner next week. Have fun!

Carolynn said...

your not you birthday dinner. sorry.