Monday, October 8, 2007


My big, big girl... when I called the doctor this morning to make her 9 month appointment (in December, by the way), I realized I forgot to ask her a question last time I was in. The question? When can my little girl start eating finger food? I certainly didn't expect it to be any time soon; she's all gums! Well, friends, since she's sitting up and interested in what we're eating -- it's time to start!

Phoebe embarked on her big girl food adventure with a couple of scoops of cheerios. She thought they were a blast to play with, and loved trying to pick them up as they magically scooted away from her hand. At first, she treated Jake -- dropping each Cheerio off the side of the tray. Pick, drop. Pick, drop. Pick, drop. Then she figured out that she could put these tiny little things in her mouth... the trick was getting them in there! With a little assistance, we managed to try one. We were totally unsure about it, but she grinned when it went down the hatch! I'm sure it'll take a few weeks to master this, but I'm so proud of the way she's trying!

In other big girl news, we're working on drinking from a sippy cup and we sat up in the cart at Costco for the first time tonight. I think October is going to be a big month of firsts for my little bitty girl!

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j&bH said...

gaaaah...wish i could be there! i'm missing way too much! definitely time for a visit...let me know how the loveseat action goes this week!

miss you and love you,
mare (fave)