Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Catching Up

There are about nineteen separate things that I want to not forget to update right now... but since I only write at very specific times during the day... I'm seeing some of these updates happening sometime mid-2010. So instead, I'm going to knock out these updates in one fell swoop so that we can just move on.

In no particular order...
  • Nora seems to be doing better at night. She holds onto gas easily, so we have to make sure that she burps very well before heading to bed. We also think that if she gets overtired, it's all over for her... as in, if we miss getting her down at 7:00 or thereabouts, we can expect her to cry for an hour before she settles down to sleep. Last night was good; we'll see how tonight goes!
  • I got to take a shower in my master bathroom last night! This is indeed worthy of its own post, but I want to wait until I can get accompanying pictures... which won't happen at least until I get in there and work my magic. Michael also has a few little things to finish up. But for the most part, it is a usable bathroom again! (By the way, I love my new bathroom!)
  • Phoebe is currently really into rockets and races. As we drive in to the town where my parents live, we pass a huge rocket or five. Now she's spotting them everywhere. Yesterday after her nap, Phoebe informed me that she wanted Mommy and Daddy to push a rocket. Where do they get these things? Also, we cheered on the runners at our annual Memorial Day race (sponsored by my Dad, I have yet to run it) and Phoebe loved the race atmosphere. She asked several times yesterday to go to the race.
  • I've had a few people ask me to update on the Shred. I haven't done it as consistently as every day, but I've seen great results already. I can tell a huge difference in how I feel (more energy) and how my clothes are fitting. We don't have a scale, but I do weigh myself at my parents' house. I'd lost about five pounds since my last visit, and I can tell that I've become more toned and stronger. I'm about to move up to Level 2, which means I may not be walking next week.
  • Last week was my biggest success in strategic shopping. I spent $57 on $140 worth of groceries. When meal planning earlier this week, I realized that we are fully stocked for meals for at least a month, with the exception of fresh produce. We're also eating better (healthier, more variety, more flavor) than we have in the four years Michael and I have been married. So exciting!
  • Michael and I would like to start a new Bible Study to do together this summer. Any suggestions? We last did Experiencing God together and loved it. It really can be anything.
And now, a picture or two:
Here's hoping for more substance tomorrow!


j&bH said...

Hello dearest...
Sorry I didn't call you back this weekend. It's a long story & I will explain when next I have you on the phone. I am praying about it and I will make it through...

We were at Cotton Row & looked for you in the regular spot, but didn't see you! Bummer!

Anyway, I miss you and love you! We need to plan a slumber party or something and the sooner the better!

mare (fave)

The Sinks said...

I would love to hear more about your strategic shopping...!