Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ballerina at Work

This really might be my new favorite picture of Phoebe; let me explain.

This is a picture of Phoebe in her new ballerina leotard. She's not taking ballet, but Mops couldn't resist its feminine appeal, what with its sweet rosebud and the little swishing pink skirt. As Phoebe delicately twirled around my house that day last week, she looked like a real live ballerina - pint sized, of course.

But it's also a picture of Phoebe wearing a homemade necklace. We were working on lacing earlier in the week, and it was hard for her. So I tried to up the success factor by giving her something larger to thread onto a ribbon: a recycled paper towel roll that she had decorated with markers. It was much easier for her to do, and Phoebe wore her necklace with pride.

And then, it's a picture of Phoebe sweeping. It's hard to tell, but she actually is holding two brooms: my regular kitchen broom, and her pink "play" broom. She'd just cracked a small pot full of dirt and grass seeds (think chia pet), and the dirt had scattered itself all over the floor. Phoebe promptly got her cleaning gear, and joyfully got started cleaning up her mess. She was eager to do the cleaning herself, saying "scue, Mama" when I'd try to intervene.

I love this picture because I feel like it captures so much of what we're about around here. We stay home. We play, we pretend, we work. Phoebe is, in small ways, learning what it means to be a little woman. She's learning from a Mommy that's learning right alongside her, but it's a privilege to share what little I do know with her.

"[She] works with willing hands..." Proverbs 31:13b


ann said...

Amen. I too, love this picture. Thank you for reminding us to stop and look deeply into such pleasures. I have learned, that from artist Kel, to examine the photograph for all that it is worth...and this one is priceless at that! Coming from a mom of 3 dancer gals... I think the ballerina needs...slippers...or do they make them that tiny?!
Well, I love that you had her lace the paper towel roll...brilliant! I agree...this photo made my day early on...speck that the rest of it will bring great joy...given the sun is FINALLY out in Indiana...hope I did not speak too soon! :D Love to all and cannot wait to see you soon!!!! Love, ms. Ann and the resort crew

Andy and Kelly said...

This is so cute. You are such a great mom, sarah! I hope that one day i will have a little girl to teach and play with, and i hope that she turns out as great as Pheobs!

Abbie said...

This pic is great. I was wondering what she was wearing around her neck. That necklace is so cool!
I came over from Simple Mom.

Melissa said...

"We stay home. We play, we pretend, we work. Phoebe is, in small ways, learning what it means to be a little woman."

I like that. So many moms stay on the go! I appreciate you and your example!

Melissa :D