Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Filled Up

Last week, we went through some terrible bedtime fussing with Nora. We had no idea what had caused it, just that she was screaming. For an hour. At bedtime. And after being used to her falling asleep easily with no crying while we read and prayed with Phoebe, this rocked our little household boat.

After the third night of it, Michael and I decided that she was more than likely not throwing a fit about going to sleep. And then it hit me: food.

It seemed like her tummy was upset, but it took us three days to figure out that maybe we were over-feeding her at supper. The short of it is that we think Nora was eating way too much for her little system to digest way too close to bedtime. After reviewing in Babywise, I realized that maybe her supper should be at her 3:30 feeding and not thirty minutes before bed. This fix seemed to help.

Last night I let her chow down on Cheerios while I ate in peace, and we paid the price in forty-five minutes of crying. Bless her heart!
Of course, all of this could be teeth. But I'd forgotten about feeding solids at the 3:30 meal.

So to my friends with one baby right now? You will forget too. Even if you write it down! Give yourself some grace. This was a good reminder to me that I am
not a professional Mommy!


Lauren Limón said...

Thank you for sharing this!!!

j&bH said...

i miss you and thought i'd let you know. today and tomorrow are my last "official" days of school...friday we start exams and by next friday i will be FREE!!!

i hope to be able to fit in girl time for mary & rhoda! i'm in a great need for it...

love you!
kiss the babies & give michael a high five from fave.
-mare (fave)

Family Snodgrass said...

Hi Sarah! I was so glad to hear from you on my blog! I'll look forward to stopping in here regularly. Your little girls are just beautiful.