Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Together Again

Early last week, Phoebe started asking to go to Mops and Pops' house. One morning, Phoebe asked at least thirty times... before lunch. This is not an exaggeration. Michael and I talked about it, and we decided that if she's old enough to ask to go, she's old enough to go. So Saturday morning, we let our sweet Phoebs head up, alone, to spend the weekend with Mops and Pops.

I think this picture just about sums it up, don't you?

We got regular updates and pictures... one night Mom said that Phoebe had a hard time settling down to sleep; she thought it might be the M&Ms? Or the ice cream? Or the candy?

We're thrilled that Phoebe was able to have a special time with her grandparents. It was neat for us to have some sweet time with Nora, too. I forgot how easy a non-mobile baby can be! It was a nice break, and a good time for me to take care of a few projects... but I'm so thankful to have everyone back together again!


ann said...

Phoebe looks like such a big girl in the ice cream pic! When did that happen?! Have a great day! Love, Ann

Lauren Limón said...

So sweet! I can't imagine how it must be to give her up for even a short time with wonderful grandparents. And that Nora is just crazy-cute!