Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's Chat

At dinner the other night, Phoebe was enjoying a rare treat -- homemade macaroni and cheese. She'd also decided she was pretty bored with her meal after about six bites. After a few minutes, she started picking up individual elbow noodles and holding them to her ear before taking a bite.

After the second or third noodle, she said, "Hi!" And then, as she ate her noodle, she said, "Bye!" Now that's what I'd call a quick conversation! (Good thing she no longer tries to eat my phone... that job is now reserved for her baby sister!) If Phoebs ever hangs up on you, please know that we're still working on those phone manners...


In other news, Nora miraculously had a normal nap day yesterday. As in, she took a two hour morning nap, a two hour afternoon nap, and a thirty minute "catnap" in the early-evening. And she slept great last night. This is our first "normal" since quitting the miracle blanket two weeks ago... so it was pretty exciting. It may never happen again, but it was a beautiful, beautiful thing!

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The Pink Potpourri said...

i love the macaroni phone! so cute :) so glad nora is napping better!

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