Friday, April 10, 2009

Half Birthday!

More about Phoebe's infection tomorrow, but I feel like I should update everyone and say that she is healing beautifully. God has been gracious to us! That is such a gift.

Yesterday was Nora's half-birthday, and we celebrated in spending the morning at the pediatrician. Nora was due her shots, and we scheduled an appointment to have Phoebe's bottom checked out as well. We had quite the party in exam room number two on the blue hall... there were even refreshments! Phoebs enjoyed some fishies on her blanket, and Nora had her drink of choice when she was ready for it.

Anyway, back to Nora. Our little party animal weighed in at 15 pounds, 11 ounces (50%ile) and 27 inches long (which is 90%ile, but it's also inflated... I saw Nora scoot about half an inch when the nurse stretched her out). She enjoyed her tickles from Dr. B, and did just fine throughout the entire office visit...that is, until the vaccinations came her way. Bless her sweet heart, she would have preferred if Mommy had asked them not to inject her with any of those nasty little things. I completely understand.

Our little Belle couldn't be more of a delight. At six months old, her personality is really starting to develop... and I'm reminded of how fast these days are moving. Here's what Nora's up to these days:
  • Nora is literally the happiest baby I've ever seen. Her smile is enormous, and she's got some great belly laughs. She's content just about anywhere, anytime.
  • She is trying to break her addiction to the miracle blanket, and she's making progress as a sleeper again. Her naps are still inconsistent, but nighttime sleep is generally good. But oh, how we loved our miracle blanket!
  • She still loves to eat. Really. She takes four or five bottles a day, and she eats solid foods at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She loves sweet potatoes, prunes, and pears; she will eat just about anything, though. We introduced fruit earlier than I did with Phoebe because Nora needed a little help...going. Nora's just happy to eat what we give her, and she's got the rolls to prove it!
  • She's starting to play more, and loves to reach for things...anything that looks interesting. She loves to interact with her environment, and I love watching her sense of wonder. She especially loves to interact with her big sister!
  • Nora's working really hard at sitting up. She can sit up when propped up in a boppy, but still isn't very steady on her own.
  • When she sleeps, Nora likes to have a sweet little bunny blankie to love on. And she seems like she might already be attached to it, but only time will tell!

We do love, love, love our Norabelle. She's getting terribly big terribly fast; I already miss that tiny little baby! But I'm reminded, too, that they get even more fun as they grow. Growing is so bittersweet!


ann said...

SIX MONTHS! Oh, I cannot believe it! Where does the time go?! I can hardly wait to meet her and it sounds as if the Middleton wedding maybe just the time and place! Praying for good health for all! God bless and happy easter! He has risen! Praise the Lord! Love, the Potters!

Lauren Limón said...

What a precious little girl! I can't wait to hear those fabled belly-laughs everyone speaks of. Whitaker is up to a gaspy chuckle.