Monday, April 13, 2009

A Happy Heart

Phoebe does a lot to help me around the house. I expect a lot from her, and she usually meets or exceeds my expectations. She is delighted to help me, and I know that she feels so proud of herself for all of the big girl things she can do.

But lest you think Phoebe is a perfect little angel, she does not do everything gladly. I say at least five times a day, "Phoebe, obey with a happy heart!" I'm also trying to follow this up with, "Do all things without complaining or arguing" (Philippians 2:14).

Today, Phoebe was grumping about putting away one of her special gardening gloves. As I brought her to me and reminded her to have a happy heart, she quieted her spirit and put the glove in its place. A few minutes later, I spotted the other glove and asked Phoebe to put her glove away along with the other one. I braced myself for another fit that would require some redirection.

And then I was amazed.

She joyfully picked up her glove, practically skipped to the drawer, and looked at me with a smile and said, "Happy heart, Mama!"

Oh yes, my little lovebug... happy heart indeed.


Andy and Kelly said...

what a great story! I was so impressed with your parenting skills at Panera when Phoebe said, "no" when asked to "come here." Your response of, "No, Ma'am, obey," was so quick, smooth, and full of love that I almost didn't notice it! I was so impressed that I have talked about it with Andy numerous times since then! This story is just as wonderful! Whenever we have babies, I would like some "Sarah Advice" time to teach me these wonderful things that you are doing to make your girls so great! We miss you guys!

Ann said...

This story gave me a happy heart! Maybe you need to "Mary Poppins" up here and train me to have a :D heart! Grand scripture verse! Good job mama! You bless me richly with your post! God is Good! Love from the active resort! See you soon in May! Love, Ann

The Sinks said...

How sweet to see God working on her heart in that way. Obeying with a happy heart is often a topic of conversation in our house as well, and those moments when it actually clicks is so amazing!!

Aubrey said...

Hehehe! How they make our hearts happy! I feel like I say 'Sweet spirit, please' all. day. long. Course, there are three of them that have to be reminded...

Cutie pie pic!