Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Day with the Hams

Few families are more precious to us than our beloved Hams. I have pondered all afternoon how to describe this sweet family, and I literally have no words. You just have to know them -- I wish you all could!

Last week, Mom and I packed up the girls at early-thirty to drive an incredibly boring stretch of interstate for a quick day trip to visit. I had not yet met the newest addition to the Ham fam (born in January), and as an added bonus to the trip, Ham-cousin Maggie was also in town with her three little ones. (I met Maggie back in high school, and was able to visit her at Wheaton; I hadn't seen her since!) All told, we spent six hours on the road for a seven hour visit... but I would've driven those six hours for a one hour visit. What a wonderful, blessed day we had!

Phoebe is a little country girl at heart, and she was delighted with the chance to roam free... with the added bonus of big kids to play with. With twelve kids under the age of twelve (three of those under six months!), there was no shortage of fun and excitement. Some of the highlights?
  • Amateur photography, thanks to Emma (age 8)
  • Glitter glue: need I say more?
  • Tetherball with Jeb (age 3)
  • Tree climbing and golf cart rides
  • DOGS!
  • Chubby baby cheeks... on three chubby little babies
  • Sweet, encouraging fellowship with older women, who teach me more in moments than I'd learn in months of reading books

We dreaded our departure time, but Michael has assured me that our small brood will definitely be making a trip over there soon. As Rina would say, Lord haste the day!

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ann said...

I've never been there...but the pictures are just as I have always imagined! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Also, I used your example this a.m. in my Bible Study... the "obey with a happy heart" and the Phil. Scripture to follow...all LOVED it! Thanks! What a great day you all had! Love, Ann p.s. Can't wait to see you all next month!