Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I can't believe it's been over a week since I last posted! We managed to make it out of the house on Tuesday afternoon for our Thanksgiving at the lake, and we were "unplugged" from the Internet until Sunday. Needless to say, I've been recovering since then.

I'm going to try to do a recap without getting too verbose... perhaps the pictures will speak for themselves?

Like I said, we managed to get out of the house on Tuesday. Michael was starting to feel better, but I felt like my cold was turning into a sinus infection... my fever lingered until Wednesday night. Anyway, we arrived at the lake just in time for supper Tuesday night, and just before my cousin Danielle, her husband, and her two children made it in from New Hampshire. The kids loved getting to run around and explore the house, and we settled in early. Phoebe slept better than she'd slept in weeks. It was good to just be there!

Wednesday, the rest of the family drove in from Florida, and Michael's parents and brother also arrived for the fun. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and the kids had a great time playing together. I loved seeing Phoebe play with her cousins John and Madi...they really had a blast together! The atmosphere in the house was lively and loud; of course, that's to be expected when you throw a bunch of Italians in a house together!

Thursday, Thanksgiving, was a wonderful day of...well...thankfulness and food. The women spent most of the morning in the kitchen, the kids played outside in gorgeous weather, and we all enjoyed spending time together. We were also all feeling better by Thursday -- something to certainly be thankful for! We feasted in the late afternoon, but Nora couldn't be bothered to wake up for the dining experience. Phoebe, who doesn't usually eat meat, gobbled up some turkey and macaroni and cheese. After dinner, we squeezed into our matching Thanksgiving t-shirts for a family photo.

Friday, we shopped -- but not the typical Black Friday shopping. We went to the little main street downtown, and went in a variety store and some specialty shops. In the variety store, Michael snagged a balloon-animal making kit, which turned out to be the best purchase of the day; he entertained the kids all weekend with dogs, swords, hats, and more! However, the weather quickly turned sour, and we spent the rest of the weekend indoors. No pictures of Friday; I think our memory card needed a break.

On Saturday, the Italian contingency decided we needed more food...so again, the morning was spent cooking. The afternoon? Well, let's just say there was an important game on that most of us wanted to watch. Michael and I also spent a fair amount of time playing with the crew of kids in the house -- there were eight kids under nine, cooped up indoors thanks to the weather. Michael got to brush up on his balloon animal skills, schooled some kids in Wii Mario Brothers, and earned himself the title of Coolest Grownup Ever. And can I get a hearty Roll Tide, anyone?

Sunday, it was time to bid the lake farewell. The house feels a bit like home, since we also rented this house during the summer... but it was good to return home to our little (quiet) house. We were so thankful to spend time with family from so far away, and I'm especially thrilled that they got to meet Nora while she was still small. It was a happy Thanksgiving indeed!


Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

Yes, I would like to place my order for a complete balloon suit of armor. Multi-Color breast plate 9giggle giggle) if you don't mind and a pink sword. Thanks.

Lauren Limón said...

That sounds so nice. How great is it that your kids have so many cousins? Mine will have 1...4 if you stretch the definition of "cousin"

The Pink Potpourri said...

sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend! so glad to hear it was so relaxing. good food and family is always great! glad you guys are feeling better

Andy and Kelly said...

Hey! The Ritz mints were super easy! In the cake decorating aisle at walmart or hobby lobby, there is a bag of baking chips, and I think it's dark chocolate mint coco chips. It's a white bag. Just melt those in the microwave, stir until it's smooth, then drop your Ritz in. With a spoon, cover the cracker with chocolate, and use your fork to scoop it out. tap your fork on the side of the bowl until enough chocolate falls off that you can start to see where the holes are in the cracker. Then, just lay it on some wax paper on a cookie tray, sprinkle, and go! :D

Anonymous said...

yummy...make enough of the ritz mints to share with us, please, please, please!! Thanksgiving was so, so wonderful...my heart is filled up by the blessings Father poured out on our shared time with family and friends. I hope everyone who took pictures will post them all to share with everyone. enjoy this seattle day, my darling...big, big love to my thomases