Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, when I last came around these parts I was optimistic for a full return to normal. And the optimism is still there, but let's just say we've hit a speedbump.

Thursday afternoon, I started feeling that tell-tale scratchy throat and sinus headache. Things stayed pretty much the same until Saturday, when I was sure I was coming down with something. And then, by Saturday afternoon, Michael was sure he was coming down with something, too.

And come down we did.

Michael and I are both hopped up on Mucinex and Advil, and we're burning through some Disney Princess and Wall-E kleenexes. Yesterday (Sunday) was pretty much awful, but today we wised up and called in the grandparents. Thanks to Nan and Boom, Phoebs is out of the house and we can recover in relative peace.

I've got a low-grade temp this afternoon, but Michael did yesterday -- and then felt a little better when it was gone. I'm hoping for the same results, especially since our Thanksgiving is supposed to begin tomorrow. We'll keep you posted.

Do say a little prayer for our girls, that they don't get this nastiness. That would be a Thanksgiving miracle!


ms. ann said...

Already have been praying for your recovery...did not know it was this crazy! Thank the Lord for G's! Plus, you KNOW this is an added blessing for spend time with Pheobe! Praying for God's speed in recovery so you can enjoy family and good food. Thanks for the heads up on the fancy kleenex! I was unaware. :D
Happy Thanksgiving from the resort...I think we will be able to skate on the pond this year! Love to all! MrandMrsStev and the crew. God Bless

Z said...

Oh Sarah. I hope that you all feel better for Thanksgiving and optimism only continues to increase! ~lauren (not Z)