Monday, November 10, 2008

Nora's One Month Day

It's so hard to believe Nora has already been with us a whole month! If things are fast with one, it seems like time flies exponentially fast with two. I feel like we're all adjusting to one another very well; it honestly feels like Nora has been with us all along. And it's been awfully fun having an Itty Bitty in the house again!

Although Nora's day mainly consists of eating and sleeping, here are a few things I want to remember about her at one month old. Nora is:
  • a total cuddlebug. She loves being held, but is content out of arms, too.
  • starting to settle into a more predictable routine. She eats on a 2 1/2 - 3 hour cycle (most of the time), and naps for the last hour to hour and a half of that cycle. Nora's a great eater (2-4 ounces at a meal), and does a pretty good job falling asleep on her own in the crib. She is generally a pretty content little girl.
  • beginning to "stretch" at night. We've had a couple of nights in the past week where she'll go for a 5 hour stretch. We feed her at our bedtime, and then she'll generally wake once in the middle of the night, then again around 4:30-5:30ish. Most of the time, she goes back to sleep right after she eats -- which is such a blessing! She also loves to be swaddled and snug.
  • more alert and bright-eyed for more of the time. She loves bathtime, and especially having her hair washed. She also doesn't mind tummy time, when I remember to make her have it.
  • having some of the same digestive issues as her sister did at this age, but we seem to be making progress. (I don't think she would appreciate me discussing that any further!)
  • still wearing newborn diapers and clothes. She will probably graduate her diaper size in the next couple of weeks, but her clothes are still pretty big!
We are continuing with our tradition of mini-cakes for month day celebrations... so here is our family with Nora's first cake!

Happy One Month Day, Nora!


Lauren Limón said...

WOW! It HAS been a month! Time does fly faster and faster every day. That's quite a sweet family you've got there. And I applaud your commitment to the month-day celebrations!

Carolynn said...

I love that you have Jake in the picture too! Happy One Month Day, Nora!

Anonymous said...

Oh, itty bitty dollie...a big month old already! So, so precious...the thomas family is, indeed, adapting very naturally to the increase in size...all praise to God! So delighted that the chocolate cake from Edgar's worked perfectly for the occasion...will the next one have white cake? yumm, gotta love 'em all! Celebrating with you in our hearts, and loving each of you so, so big...mops and pops

Liz said...

What a cute picture :) I can't believe it's been a month, either :)