Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Last Few Days

I had forgotten that having a newborn baby in the house puts you in some sort of time-sucking black hole. Time literally disappears during the day (and night) with one of these sweet little ones under your roof. And when you have an adventurous toddler in the house... let's just say that time disappears at an exponentially fast rate. Trust me, it's true!

We've been up to plenty of fun these past few days, though, and I wanted to go ahead and record that here with a few pictures. Besides, I feel like it's required that I post our pictures of our Fairy Princess, right?

Wednesday was a regular day, as far as I can remember. The days are literally all blurred together, but I'm sure we did something fun. Oh yes! We did! Phoebe had her first adventure with sticker art! This is significant, because I'm pretty sure that Phoebe has never ever sat still working on any kind of project for more than fifteen minutes. Sticking stickers to a paper for Mops and Pops? Totally took almost an hour. We will be doing this again. (I do not have photographic evidence of this, but it was cute. Trust me.)

Wednesday night, we dressed up Phoebe and bundled up Nora for Nandy and Boompah's fall festival at their church. Our Fairy Princess loved having a wand to use, and she also had a blast prancing about in the great outdoors. Nora enjoyed being bundled... I think the fall festival was a little too advanced for her? Anyway, also notable is that Phoebe willingly ate her first hot dog. Anyway, a fun time was had by all.

Nora's night Wednesday was pretty rough. As in, she didn't sleep. So neither did I. Nandy rescued us on Thursday morning by taking Phoebe for a morning of playtime while I rested with Nora. Thank heavens for grandparents! Thursday progressed in a blur.

Friday morning, we met up with Carolynn and Callahan at the park for our first trip since Nora joined the family. It was wonderful. Phoebe had a blast; she started squealing as soon we got there. She was also fearless, tackling slides by herself. She also took it upon herself to use her body to dry off the slides for her friend Callahan. We had a good time, and it was really, really good to get out.

Friday night, we joined some of our LIFE group friends for dinner. Our little ones played while we enjoyed some sweet fellowship with some friends we hadn't seen since our group multiplied. Phoebe loved seeing her friends, we loved getting to introduce Nora, and we were thankful we decided to blow off bedtime for the festivities. Besides... who goes to bed on time on Halloween?

Mops and Pops also arrived Friday night so that we could head to Tuscaloosa on Saturday. It was Homecoming, and I really wanted to go... and also wanted to take Phoebe to her first game. It was so much fun to be on campus again, especially since I didn't think we would make it to a game this year. I also loved bringing Phoebe there. It helped that we won big!

Unfortunately, Phoebe's experience was not as wonderful as I'd hoped. She had been acting funny when we got to the stadium; I assumed it was the atmosphere. She slept in Michael's arms, even through the noisy pregame festivities... and then when she woke up, she seemed a little off. At the beginning of the third quarter, we figured out what was wrong after she vomited her apple juice all over her Pops.

We thought Phoebe was better when we got out of the stadium, but as soon as she put something in her tummy... let's just say we all got to see it again. She's still running a fever today, but we haven't had any more vomiting. We're just praying that Nora stays well; if she catches this, we're headed back to Children's for two days.

Anyway, I told you it had been an eventful couple of days!


Anonymous said...

can i just tell you how much i love reading your blog? i know that i never post but i daily check it to read about stories of your beautiful family!! thanks for keeping your blog fans entertained!! i love yall and miss you!


Andy and Kelly said...

wow! you guys have been busy! Phoebe was a beautiful princess, and I loved Nora's black and white portrait! I also agree with Kendall. I am always checking up on you guys, even if I don't post!

Carolynn said...

I'm glad we were able to be part of some of the festivities! I hope Phoebe is doing a little better today! We certainly missed you and the littles last night!