Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Think I'll Move to Australia

Moving to Australia wouldn't have worked for Alexander, and I don't think it'll work for me, either. But honestly, yesterday felt like a no good, horrible, very bad day. And at the end of it, I just wanted to move to Australia. This morning, Australia still doesn't seem like that bad of an idea.

Our week started off innocently enough. In fact, I think Tuesday was our best day yet. It was Tuesday evening that I went to bed dog tired, but feeling like we were finally getting it. Nora had kept a predictable routine two days in a row, Phoebe and I had some really good "learning" time together... I was starting to feel like I was sufficient.

Which is exactly when the Lord likes to humble us a little bit.

If Tuesday was the best day yet, then yesterday was... well... maybe not the worst. But close to it. Neither of the girls was content. Ever, really. Phoebs has been working on her canine teeth for forever, and I think the pain peaked yesterday. Actually, let's just say that I hope the pain peaked yesterday. And Nora is beginning to have a lot of trouble eating. My good little eater and content little baby is starting to shriek at meals, and is having a lot more trouble resting. Add that to a very tired Mama, and you have the makings of a hard day.

The night wasn't much better. And by "not much better" I mean, "was worse than the day". Phoebs literally was up and down all night in major amounts of pain; our Motrin/Tylenol/Hyland's/Orajel cocktail did little to relieve it. And Nora struggled to sleep, too. Michael and I were in the same bed at the same time for no more than an hour and a half throughout the entire night. We're hitting up the coffee this morning, obviously.

Neither girl is showing marked improvement today, but Phoebe at least seems to be responding to her pain medicine this morning (and Lamby, and Sesame Street). And Nora is resting, but don't tell my pediatrician that the only way she'll sleep is on her tummy. And since Michael took Nora instead of Phoebe last night, I actually got a few hours more sleep than he did.

I'm trying to dwell on hope today. Hope that this will pass soon (these teeth can't stay underground forever, right?). Hope that Nora's doctor's appointment tomorrow will reveal why she's having so much trouble with meals and sleep all of a sudden. Hope that Michael and I can stay awake through dinner tonight, our first date in... a really long time. But most of all, hope that God's going to make good out of all of this yuck.

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28 (ESV)


Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

I've been thinking about ya'll so much lately! Know that I'm praying for you as you continue your adventures and I trust the Lord will continue to show up amidst the difficulties ;) I miss you a lot and look forward to talking to you soon when we're both able to take a breather!!

ann said...

Hmmm. Maybe it is because it is dark, cold, and rainy here in Indy, but as I read your post, I thought 'sounds like a day to throw all responsibilities to the wind and wear warm comfy clothes, drink hot chocolate, hold babies and watch PBS or Foodnetwork!' Oh, yes, ...chocolate and popcorn anyone? For mom of course. :D Days like this make you take a vacation from normal life, speck so. Praying for you...watching WOF in HAWAII...wish we ALL were there! Love from the Resort. God Bless, love, ms. ann

The Sinks said...

Oh, it does get better, although I must say it seems to be a day by day thing for us even still. Some days are really fun play days where everybody is happy, on schedule, and content (and you even are able to accomplish one or two things around the house too!). Other days are darker, where everyone is grouchy, off schedule, tired, and disasters break loose everywhere. Just remember that all too soon this stage will pass, and we'll be missing the days of them being babies at home. Praying for you as I'm in the thick of it right alongside you!