Monday, July 7, 2008

We're Back!

We have, indeed, returned to the land of technology.

We actually did get our Internet (and cable) back on Monday, as hoped for. But it’s been a busy week, and blogging just wasn’t high on the priority list. For the two of you that have missed our fairly frequent updates, I apologize!

Prior to the “outage”, I had been stewing in a really awful funk for a few weeks, and I felt like the joy had left our little world. I was unenthusiastic, unproductive, and unhappy. Just living through life had kind of become drudgery, and the longer I sat in this “yuck”, the worse it got.

Fortunately, our break from technology was well-timed. Truly, it was a gift from God to be able to simplify and be free of distractions. By getting rid of those distractions, it freed up a lot of time that I didn’t even know that I had to really focus on the Lord, and what He wants from me right now.

When the technology returned, I found I hadn’t missed it all that much. Yes, it’s nice to be able to check my email and catch up with friends on their blogs. Yes, I like to veg out with some Food Network every once in a while. But my perspective on all of those things has changed a good bit. It isn’t as necessary as I thought it was. And life is good.

Things haven’t been perfect, and I haven’t been perfectly joyful. My priorities often still work themselves out of whack. But I was, and am, thankful for my break. And most of all, I’m really excited about the work that God is doing in our house right now… what a privilege to see glimpses!


Anonymous said...

"The Lord is righteous in all His ways, gracious in all His works." Ps 145:17 His timing is perfect all the time...and my darling daughter, how pleased He must be that You recognized His call to "be still" and re-focus. My heart is jumping for joy knowing you will be back here tomorrow for play time...big, big appreciation for your dear husband's heart to share his girls! And big, big love to each of my thomases...mops

Andy and Kelly said...

well, I'm glad your back, and I check your blog almost everyday to see if you have posted anything new- especially pics of Miss Phoebe and your growing belly! I know I should post more often, because I, too, wonder if anyone reads my stuff! Anyways, we miss you guys, and know that I am always blog "stalking" you! :D